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Beginning September 2018, YDHHS is offering a project based curriculum in science. This is essentially a STEM based curriculum featuring components of Bio-Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Robotics and Coding. This program will run concurrently with existing sciences such as Biology - Living Environment and Physical Sciences. Targeted groups for initial phase include grade 9th and 10th.


Students will be exposed to cutting edge technology and research pioneered by CIJE – Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education, which seeks to introduce scholars to the new age job market. The content is project based and will run for two academic years. Students with prior coding experience are strongly advised to explore this course to the advance level. Students with little or no coding experience will be taught the basics of coding and will have an equal opportunity to join the advance program based on their problem solving skills.


The CIJE STEM education programs:

  • Provide a challenging and rigorous program of study focusing on the application of STEM subjects.

  • Offer courses and pathways for preparation in STEM fields and occupations.

  • Bridge and connects in-school and out-of-school learning opportunities.

  • Provide opportunities for student exploration of STEM related fields and careers.

  • Prepare students for successful college and university STEM education. To increase STEM learning, the CIJE-Tech programs include activities that improve student and teacher content knowledge and teacher pedagogical skills. Innovative strategies are used, including small group collaborative work and the use of hands-on activities and experiments to promote inquiry and curiosity. Learning is connected to the real world through an emphasis on the application of STEM subjects to everyday life, employment, and the surrounding environment.

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