Lay Leadership

Jacob Abilevitz

President, Yeshiva Derech HaTorah

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Dr. Jan Geliebter

Chairman of the Board

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Financial Office

Joel Weisblum

Executive Director  

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Mrs. Sara Greenfield

Assistant to the Executive Director​

Mrs. Sofi Halabani


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Mrs. Sima Sabo


Mrs. Yona Shanet


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Rabbi E. Chanales, Principal

Rabbi Elimelech Chanales is a talmid of Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim and holds a Master’s in Education from Adelphi University. He spent fourteen years in a classroom setting as an educator and has been involved in yeshiva administration for almost 25 years.


Rabbi Chanales believes in ongoing professional development and introducing innovative ways to bring learning into the heart of every student. As such, he is an active member of the Yesud Ma'aleh Fellowship for Educational Leadership as well as the National Council of Yeshiva Principals of Torah U'Mesorah. In his 11 years as Menahel of Yeshiva Derech HaTorah he has devoted himself to helping teachers and students appreciate and realize their potential and developed strong relationships with both students and staff alike.


Rabbi Chanales believes that all children can learn. And although each learns in a different way and at a different rate, with hard work and perseverance every child can be successful. Keeping the atmosphere positive and the lines of communication open among staff, students and parents are the keys to his success. Rabbi Chanales' personal attention to every student's needs and his cheerful smile have helped orchestrate an environment where the music of education thrives through harmony of secular academic achievement and limudei kodesh from preschool through graduation and beyond.


Rabbi Chanales currently lives in Queens with his wife Chani and is a proud father and grandfather.

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Elementary School

Mrs. Malka Schmulowitz

Preschool Director

Mrs. Charney Bauman

General Studies Secretary